Our Goal

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Our Beliefs

Without discussing politics or religion, we wholeheartedly strive to contribute to the establishment of educational facilities in the poorer mountainous regions of China.

We welcome altruistic contributions as we try to assist the poor in helping themselves, in order to raise the quality of life in others, while enriching our own lives with the experience.

Our Promises

1. We are responsible for the allocation and usage of the donated money and we will make sure that it is fully utilized on the appointed projects. Money collected for a special project will be spent specifically on the said project.

2. The administration of our organisation, and the touring expenses of our team members, are funded by the volunteers themselves; the donated money is not spent on such activities, unless specified by certain donors. Donors are welcomed to take take part in our activities (e.g. visiting, attending ceremonies to lay foundation for the school, attending the opening ceremony of the school, etc.) if they finance themselves.

Range of Services

Rebuild or expand the school buildings of Primary and Secondary schools in needy districts of China.

Help students pay school fees and other necessary expenses. Students of primary, secondary, tertiary schools, including teachers' training schools and post-secondary vocational schools are all eligible.

Sponsor teachers attending training programs in order to raise their skills; help poorly paid teachers solve practical problems in their daily life.

Give financial aid to school-aged orphans to attend school and to families facing special difficulties so that they can attain financial independency.